I am an in-network provider for Regence/Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Oregon, MODA Health, and Aetna. If you have other insurance they may pay for all or part of my services. Please check with your insurance company prior to our first visit.

Prior to your first visit, if you are able to provide your insurance information (see page 2 of the Personal History Form), I may be able to check the limits of your coverage before our first visit.

A note about using insurance. If you want to use an insurance benefit to pay for psychotherapy services, it is helpful to understand what this means.
The most relevant differences between paying “out of pocket” and using insurance are:

  1. Most insurance companies limit coverage for mental health issues to services determined to be "medically necessary" and to conditions that are treatable by shorter-term, problem-focused approaches whenever possible. They may set limits on the number of visits, based on “medical necessity”.
  2. Insurance coverage requires a mental health diagnosis that the insurance company will reimburse. The treatment for this diagnosis may involve certain limitations or not be covered at all.
  3. Most insurance companies have, as part of their contracts with therapists, a requirement to provide client information for processing of payment. Contracts may also allow for the auditing of client files by the insurance company.


I charge $120 per 55 minute meeting, but offer lower rates if paid in full at the time of service or to accommodate your financial circumstances.


Payment (whether co-pay, deductible, or private pay) is expected at the time of service. I accept cash, check, Visa/Master Card, and Paypal. Please be aware that when my billing person checks your coverage, that information may arrive after our first or second visit. Check your insurance coverage prior to our first visit, to verify your coverage.

Missed Appointments

Please notify me at least 24 hours prior to canceling an appointment. Without 24 hour notification, you will be charged $50 or ½ your usual fee (whichever is the larger sum) for your missed session. If you are late, your session may be shortened by the amount of time you are late.

Office Paperwork

Since the Covid-19 Virus came to our country in March, I have been using a tele-based platform for my practice called Simple Practice. This is a complete electronic health system. I enter a minimum amount of client information in order to use the calendar, to give clients reminders, and use the telehealth system. There will be forms sent to you through this system prior to our first session for you to fill out. These forms are regarding informed consent to practice, using telehealth for therapy, etc. The form for telehealth has you acknowledge some of the limitations of using telehealth (such as I wouldn’t be there in person to help you in an emergency). Please fill these forms out for our first session or not later than our 2nd session. Prior to our initial consultation, I will send you a link to the Simple Practice Telehealth website to conduct our session

If you are a new patient, and have a first appointment already scheduled, please complete the personal history form below, and bring it to our first session.

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estuary painting by Angelita Surmon

"Estuary" painting by Angelita Surmon